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Napa Valley California: “The Quintessential American Wine Region”
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The Napa Valley is the quintessential American wine region. Napa helped the USA gain the recognition it deserved in the wine world, and to this day, still brings the thunder. It’s the wine region everyone knows and loves; but do you know the story of how it came to be? Find out on this premiere episode of V is for Vino. Plus, we’ll talk about why your Cabernet Sauvignon may have some secrets behind the label, and how its related to another sauvignon: Sauvignon Blanc. Winemaker Sarah of Elizabeth Spencer wines takes us behind the scenes of the winemaking process, and we learn about that mysterious wine compound “tannin” in today’s Nerd Lab. Finally, chef Sean O’Toole walks us through a Mediterranean tomato salad and dry aged New York strip unlike any other. Welcome to V is for Vino. Lets Watch, Learn, and Drink.

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