Underwater Scents That Attract (AND REPEL) Fish!!!

Have you ever fished a spot for a few minutes without catching anything, then, all of a sudden, the bite just suddenly turned on?

Or have you ever wondered why someone on the boat seems to have the hot hand, while others aren’t catching anything?

It could be random, or luck, or…

It could be because of underwater smell tracks.

What’s a smell track, you ask?

Scientist and author Paul Johnson spent countless hours underwater studying which scents played a role in attracting (and repelling) fish.

He called these scents “Smell Tracks” and has separated them into three different categories:

– Negative (repel fish)
– Neutral (have no affect on fish)
– Positive (attract fish)

See, a fish’s sense of smell is thousands of times greater than that of a human and even the tiniest bit of scent can attract or repel fish.

So in the first scenario above, it might not have been that a school of fish just decided to turn up, but that it just took a while for a negative smell track to get washed off your lure.

And in the second scenario, it might be because one of the anglers has positive smell tracks on his line or lure, and the others have negative smell tracks.

In this episode, we’re talking all about smell tracks and how they can help, or hurt, your fish-catching abilities.

We’ll also identify what items fall under negative, neutral, and positive smell tracks.

There are some shocking (yet very common) things on all three of lists, so this episode is a must-listen.

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