UNBOXING NANO vape podsπŸ”ž

Relx nano vape pods disposable approximately 200 puffs

Super convenient, uncap
No hassle – No Need Refill, No Need Recharge, No Need Clean
Smell good and taste nice

RELX Nano Disposable Pod Device

The RELX Nano Disposable Pod Vape Device requires no maintenance due to it’s simple and disposable nature. The RELX Nano is a throwback to the old school style automatic batteries with a new modern design. The RELX Nano features no buttons and is automatically activated when you inhale. The RELX Nano features an incredibly small and compact design for easy portability and use. The RELX Nano features a non-refillable 1.4ml capacity design with salt based nicotine flavors from the makers of the RELX.

Mint – The feeling of excitement when you’re out before the crack of dawn. The chill in the air, a welcoming friend just like the icy mint vapor tantalizing your senses. Nothing is impossible and everything is up for grabs. RELX, the day is already yours. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.

Lemon Tea – A splash of zingy lemon mixed into sweet iced tea, the perfect complement to sunny brunches. Trolleys stacked with mouthwatering dishes roll by as late morning turns into late afternoon. Where did the time go? RELX, the best days aren’t over, they’ve yet to arrive. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.

Classic Tbc – The late afternoon light bounces off gentle blue swells as a rumba rhythm floats in from a distance. The salty air brings with it the aroma of classic tbc, enveloping quiet moments by the seaside. RELX, the next best thing is right here.

Blueberry – The comforting warmth of an evening day with good friends, the heat of the day tamed by the twilight. Happy faces, good conversation, and great wine – what else is there to live for? RELX, and take the moment in. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.

Ludou Ice – Warm summer evenings spent playing outside ending with a classic sweet treat, or tales of immersive trips in East Asia that involves a new gastronomic discovery… Ludou desserts win anyone over with a subtle, fresh taste made more potent in e-liquid form. RELX and make new memories, or let old ones blanket you with sugary nostalgia. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.

Features and Specs:

Dimensions: 3-5/8″ x 11/16″ x 3/8″
Built-in Battery Capacity: 270mAh
Disposable Design
No Maintenance Required
Classic Automatic Style
Ultra Lightweight and Compact Design
Utilizes 1.4ml Capacity Non-Refillable Design
Salt Based Nicotine RELX Flavors
Approximately 200 Puffs for (1) RELX Nano Disposable Pod Device

All content is for adult viewers over the age of 21

WARNING – These products contain Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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