The Whisky Heretics V: Extreme Scotch

Scotch, the final frontier. These are the voyages of USS Heretic. Its five year mission: to explore strange forgotten worlds, to seek out new insights and possibilities, to go boldly where no-one has gone before. This is the fifth and final part of the Whisky Heretics talks in which Dave Broom & Ryan Chetiyawardana have looked at how Scotch has been and can be mixed, a deep immersion into the world of smoke, and the weird world of rancio. The intention has always been to open bartenders’ minds to the possibilities of mixing and understanding Scotch by explaining about history, flavour and versatility – and confronting and overturning prejudices at every turn.

Now it is time to journey further out in the whisky galaxy and look at how distillers push the limits of flavour, asking why they do this, how it is done, and what are the results. We’re not interested in simply making a drink from these extreme whiskies. We’re more interested in understanding this world and, using some insights learned in the process, to use a similar mindset for cocktail making. Join us as we head out into whisky weirdness for one last time.