Solventless Hash Q&A: Soilgrown Solventless

The man. The myth. The legend. Make sure to watch the full episode of our Solventless Hash Q&A with Soilgrown, the modern founder of rosin itself.

If you aren’t familiar with Soilgrown, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with one of the brightest minds in hash. Phil is largely credited with discovering modern rosin extraction as we know it and has been pushing the boundaries on all things solventless since 2014. He offers invaluable advice to hash makers of all experience levels and this is one you definitely want to listen to from end to end! P.S. Unfortunately there was a little error with the IG live where it lagged between audio/visual.


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1:35 – What’s new? What are you up to these days?
2:42 – What are you smoking on? Any new flavors you’re fond of? (long convo on artisan blends/strain blending)
6:00 – How do you do your blends? Mixed in and washed together, or pressed together and washed as a single strain?
9:10 – Do you do mostly artisan blends, single strain, or how do you decide?
10:50 – Do you have a cultivation team you’re working with?
13:08 – What’s your experimentation process? How do you go about solventless R&D?
15:50 – What are your thoughts on sift in the top echelons of solventless processing?
17:30 – What about mechanical separation(s)? What are your thoughts on mechanical separation post-processing steps?
20:35 – What’s your hot take on rosin cartridges? Good or bad? How do you make them properly?
24:45 – Do you think that solventless is going to overtake BHO or has it already?
27:30 – What’s your take on super high end hash rosin vs. full melt? Do you prefer one or the other?
32:45 – What advice to you have for hash makers striving to make the best quality possible? (make sure to listen to THIS segment in particular!)
38:50 – What do you think about food grade solventless oils?
41:00 – What do you think the possibilities are with solventless right now?
42:40 – Do you see solventless products getting less expensive?
46:42 – What products are you making right now and how can people find them in California?
51:33 – Have you seen that organically grown flower is the ticket for solventless? Or do multiple methods also produce great solventless?
56:00 – When you choose the strains you want to process, how closely do you work with growers before you make a selection? How do you figure out which ones you want to use?

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