Sherry: Everything you need to know!

And why it’s so good for adding depth and complexity to your cocktails! This is everything you need to know about Sherry.

If you’re thinking of your Grandmother’s sherry, stop now. Sherry is so much more than the cream sherry your grandma likes to drink. There are many styles and contrary to popular belief, many varieties of sherries are actually quite dry.

So what is it? Sherry is, very basically, a fortified wine which is made in a specific region of Spain. In this video I take you on a deep dive into the way it’s made, the various styles and how you can use it to enhance so many different cocktails.

I taste and describe from lightest to richest and heaviest.

13:22 – OLOROSO
14:32 – CREAM SHERRY (Yes, this one is actually your Grandma’s Sherry!!)


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