My selection of fruity & delicious e-liquids for a relaxing & refreshing vape, Part 1.

Did you ever find yourself wondering which fruit flavoured e-liquid should you buy and not regret it!!
Here you will find a selection of my favourite delicious & refreshing evening vapes that I chose out of dozens of wasted e-liquids that I tried over the last few months and I hope it will save you time & money that I wasted in finding my favourite fruity e-liquids.

Bear in mind though, that taste is a very personal preference but I hope you will enjoy my selection.

In next few videos I will review 2-3 of me selection per review.

In today’s review,

Tropika eliquid by Twelve Monkeys is a tropical fruit blend of bold flavours. A mixture of exotic fruits creates an overall sweet, balanced e-liquid.

Wick Liquor Boulevard Big Block eliquid is a well balanced vape, featuring a sweet tasting fruit punch flavour on inhale, which develops to create a juicy aftertaste. This is complimented on exhale by Malibu loganberry pulp, which is slightly sharp and has a tangy afterbite.