Melting All The Febreze Candles Together Live

Hello friends! Here is our full stream from this week (6/1).

This week we’re gonna be melting together all of the Febreze scented candles to create one fresh franken-candle to find out what smell will win out amongst all 22 of the different scents!

Catch us live every Tuesday at 5PM EST 🙂

0:00 Intro
7:26 The Scooping of the Original Scents
17:26 The Scooping of the Fruity Scents
33:53 The Scooping of the Nature Scents
48:36 The Scooping of the Floral Scents
46:16 The Scooping of the Sweet Scent (the loneliest scent)
1:00:26 Melting & Fun Facts
1:09:48 The Risky Transfer
1:21:02 Reacting to Vintage Febreze Commercials
1:28:53 Febreze Mini-Game
1:30:57 Reacting to ‘Bleep Don’t Stink’ Super Bowl Commercial
1:34:50 Franken-Candle Debut
1:44:50 Outro