Lemon Twist E-Liquids Flavor Tasting And Review

Get the refreshments flowing this springtime with Lemon Twist E-Liquid! We bring your 5 crisp, sweet flavors for you to fall in love with: Golden Coast Lemon Bar, Peach Blossom, Pink Punch, Wild Watermelon, and Strawberry Mason Lemonade. How can your mouth not possibly be watering right now?! Surf the tubular waves of great flavor and scoop up some of these bodaciously refreshing e-juices from Lemon Twist E-Liquid today.

GOLDEN COAST LEMON BAR: It’s all about balance with strong lemon flavors and nobody does that better than Lemon Twist eLiquids. With a decadent shortbread flavor that pairs well with the tart but sweet flavor of lemon curds, Golden Coast Lemon Bar is dessert in a bottle!

PEACH BLOSSOM LEMONADE: No one ever thinks about blending juicy, ripe peaches and the crisp, tart twang of lemonade but Lemon Twist eLiquid has done just that with Peach Blossom Lemonade. So good, it tastes like a refreshing cool glass on a hot summer day. This flavor is not to be missed!

STRAWBERRY MASON JAR LEMONADE: Refreshingly sweet, Strawberry Mason Jar Lemonade is the best of both worlds, blending succulent strawberries with a thirst-quenching lemonade. If you’re looking for complex but astoundingly simple summer beverage e-liquids, look no further.

WILD WATERMELON LEMONADE: Fresh squeezed lemonade mixed with cool watermelons create a unique vape treat that combines two of the best tastes of summer! It’s a flavor all lemonade lovers need to try.

PINK PUNCH LEMONADE: Mouth-puckering freshly squeezed lemons, with a touch of tart strawberry syrup combined to create a refreshing vape that might even quench your thirst.

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