Kardinal Primera is a pod compatible ejuice which is the free base version. This pod compatible version is 18 or 24, instead of the usual 3, 6, 9, 12. Now, we can all enjoy Kardinal freebase ejuice on a MTL pod with the pod compatible Primera.

Kardinal is popular for their tobacco series. As the Primera utilises the tobacco as the base, they come out with a lot of variance.

Primera Java – Tobacco Coffee
Primera Xin – Tobacco Peach
Primera Vainilla – Tobacco Vanilla Custard
Primera Black – Tobacco Cigarette
Primera Zarparan – Tobacco Saffron
Primera Jade – Tobacco Cigar

Now you can have the tobacco flavors mixing with different variance such as coffee, fruity peach, creamy vanilla, methol cigarette, saffron herb and pipe cigar variety. Apa lagi anda mau???