Ice Cold Malaysian Vibes! | Thirsty Juice E-Liquids | Review & Taste Test | Cloud Estate

Do you like koolada, menthol, or cooling e-juices in your vape? Thirsty Juice has to be the coolest liquids we’ve ever tried. Hailing from Malaysia, the Thirsty Juice line pops – fresh, bright, fruity flavors as you’d expect, but with a cooling note that needs the right sub ohm tank or rebuildable to tame.

Join the Baron as he struggles through the occasional brain freeze to show you some of the best that Malaysia has to offer.

00:00 Intro
03:15 Grape Soda
05:12 Lime Tahiti
06:27 Strawberry Lemonade
06:41 [insert card for Espion mod review]
09:00 Sweet Mango
12:16 Yoghurt Drink
14:46 Prices
15:36 Verdict

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Hurt Snowflake alert: These juices were provided to me by Vape Club MY for the purpose of the review. This is an e-liquid taste test, and your opinions on these flavors may differ. Taste is subjective, innit. Cheers!