How to restore lost sense of taste? – Dr. Jayaprakash Ittigi

Restoring the loss of taste sensation by using garlic, ginger, lemon, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar and by using oil pulling and by using castor oil. Castor oil has got a very good anti oxidant, anti microbial and anti inflammatory agent. By putting two drops of castor oil into the nostrils before going to the bed may increase the olfactory functions. Patients may sense the taste as well as the smell of the better taste sensation. Also by quitting alcoholism, tobacco chewing, by treating the deficiencies and restoring gum deficiencies like periodontal diseases, by restoring the cavities and also treating poor oral hygiene conditions by doing the scaling we can restore the taste sensation, by using zinc supplements and zinc rich foods like nuts and beans. The patient can use plenty of amount of water and also doing salt water gargling and visiting the dentist regularly for proper oral hygiene status. If there are any fungal infections we can use the anti fungal agents in order to clear the fungal diseases over the surface of the tongue and palate. By using these kind of methods we can definitely restore the loss of taste sensation.