HOW TO GET PREGNANT FAST | I Wish I Knew These Tips!

Hello everyone! I battled infertility for 4 years before I conceivedmy first child, now I am pregnantwith my third!

I decided to share with you some tips and tricks that helped me to conceive faster.

Obviously this will not work for everyone especially if you have a serious case that needs medical intervention.

However, if you are having unexplained infertility, these might actually be the explanation you need!

Hopefully this will help one or two people. I pray every woman waiting to conceive will get her heart desire soon!




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1. What Camera do you film with?
Ans: Canon M50

2. Do you use a Ringlight?
Ans: Rarely but when I do, I use the Neewer Ring Light: 18″

3. What Microphone(s) do you use?
Ans: a. Rode Mic:
b. Boya Mic:

4. Do you vlog with your phone?
Ans: Yes, I sometimes vlog with my Samsung S10

5. What Software do you use to edit?
Ans: HitFilm Express

6. What do your Daughters’ names mean?
Ans: 1. “KORA” also “Kaora” or “K’ora” (Origin: IGBO, Nigerian)
Short for “Kaorafummachukwu” meaning “Let the World See the Beauty of God”
2. “AVA” (Origin: HEBREW) meaning “Life” or “Living One” or “Life Giver”