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It was the first official visit that Victoria made after the death of her beloved husband Prince Albert, and Tim discovers in her diary that, despite the passage of six years, she still felt Albert’s loss keenly. She wrote in her account that the ‘feeling of loneliness when I saw no room for my darling, and felt I was indeed alone and a widow, overcame me very sadly! I thought so much of all dearest Albert would have done and said, and how he would have wandered about everywhere, admired everything, looked at everything – and now! Oh! Must it ever, ever be so?’

Appropriately for a castle resting on the river Tweed, Rosemary and food historian and chef Ivan Day prepare a special royal dish, salmon à la chambord. Created by chef Antonin Carême, often considered to be the first celebrity chef, it is an elaborate dish of poached salmon garnished with sole, truffles and crayfish.

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