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Do you want to order your e-liquid online in the UK? Then Totally Wicked is the place you need to visit.

With an ever-expanding e-liquid industry it is easy to get lost in a sea of flavours and strengths, whilst being unable to source information to address inherent concerns. Where is my e-liquid sourced? Will it be consistent in flavour and nicotine strength? What is actually in my e-liquid?

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At Totally Wicked, a founding member of the e-liquid industry, we have taken a leadership position in setting our own standards and championing quality, safety and openness whilst offering choice and personalisation of fluids for vapers worldwide to help you go ‘smoke-free’.

We work to combat confusion, keeping it simple, while at the same time ensuring that all customers have a favourite e-liquid. There is a huge variety of e-liquid flavours, nicotine strengths and PG:VG options. Including high VG and Nic salts.