15 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath is a very touchy and personal question. Dental hygiene is important, but brushing your teeth twice a day and chewing gum may not be enough. There are scientifically proven cases of what may be the reasons behind bad breath. Let’s find the root of the problem.
We at Bright Side have done some research and put together a list of dental hygiene do’s and don’ts. Perhaps all you need to do is to adjust just one or two of your habits.

Drink plenty of water. 1:16
Don’t drink too much coffee. 1:50
Clean your dentures. 2:38
Remember to floss after every meal. 3:09
Change your toothbrush every three months. 3:58
Do not neglect your tongue. 4:43
Go for alcohol-free mouthwash. 5:17
Avoid sugar mints. 6:20
Be aware of the medication you are taking. 7:13
Check for tonsil stones. 7:42
Watch your scales. 8:47
Say no to a low-carb diet. 9:24
Reconsider your smoking habit. 10:13
Eat more apples and other healthy food. 11:11
Visit your doctor. 11:49

– Water is never a bad idea. A sufficient amount of water stimulates the flow of your saliva and helps to avoid dehydration, which is often a reason for halitosis (that’s how scientists call bad breath).
– Did you know that caffeine can slow down saliva production and, therefore, dry out your mouth? This will lead to that breath odor. It’s better to drink a cup of tea during your lunch and dinner.
– Caring for your dentures is as important as caring for your teeth, so you should treat them accordingly. Practice the same oral hygiene that you would with your original teeth. Make a habit of cleaning them at night to get rid of bacterial buildup from food.
– Any food particles which stay in between your teeth for too long time act in the same way as if you left your trash bin full — they stink. The bacteria from food go deep below the gum line and may lead not only to bad breath but also to an infection. That’s why flossing is no less important than brushing your teeth.
– Time flies when we are busy, and we may not notice how quickly our toothbrush gets old. An old toothbrush may be as unsafe to use as simply adding more bacteria to your mouth. So change your toothbrush regularly.
– When you brush your teeth in the morning, remember to clean your tongue with the tongue scraper. You won’t believe, but it has been shown to reduce odor by up to as much as 70%.
– Many brands of mouth rinse contain up to 27% of alcohol in their ingredients. It dries out your mouth. As a result, as we have already learned, it brings an unpleasant smell after that minty freshness wears off within an hour. Another danger of mouthwash containing alcohol can appear if it is used by teenagers.
– Sugar is normally added to the mints people are so eager to take after a meal. You do so to freshen your breath, and you think that you do the right thing. But, unfortunately, the situation is quite the contrary. Sugar in these mints is exactly what helps the bacteria in your mouth to grow.
– Such medications as antidepressants, painkillers, and antihistamines may suppress saliva flow and can be the reason for a chronic dry mouth. So, remember to ask your doctor about the side effects of any prescribed medications.
– If you’re not aware, tonsil stones are a mix of debris and bacteria that sit in the back of the throat. They look like white spots or bumps and smell nasty. You might have never heard of them but, in fact, they are pretty common.
– Tel Aviv University researchers have published a study that has found a direct link between being overweight and having bad breath: the more obese you are, the more likely your breath will not be as pleasant as you would like.
– “Ketosis: this is a process which forces the body to burn stored fats and proteins for energy due to the lack of carbs. The thing is that if your diet is too strict, your body will start to produce such chemicals as ketones.
– Smoking dries out your mouth while nicotine tends to squeeze blood vessels – as a result, you don’t receive a healthy amount of saliva.
– When you crunch celery, apples, carrots, or similar food, it removes the remains of food stuck between the teeth. What is more, it rids of bacteria that live on them.
– If you have tried everything, followed all the recommendations, but bad breath still bothers you, probably it’s time to visit the doctor.

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